Your customers will thank you.

Outsource your ICT to Kerkhoven Automatisering so that you can spend more time on your customers.

Kerkhoven Automatisering offers valuable advice and support in all areas of office automation. We will help you get the most out of your organisation. All your ICT is in good hands with us: from computers, workstations and telephony, to your ICT networks, servers and contact centres.

The benefits for your organisation are obvious: more attention for your customers and primary processes, more efficient business operations, accelerated growth and improved risk management. You no longer have to deal with all the different ICT suppliers, we will be your single point of contact.



We are happy to help you with the best choices for your company, the correct deployment and a worry free transition to VoIP telephony. Besides, we know exactly how you can reap even more benefits from this solution.

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We ensure that your organisation always has the appropriate ICT infrastructure. For instance, we can set up, configure and maintain your servers, networks and workstations. Or we can fully manage the environment for you.

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We offer an integrated contact centre that is exceptionally user friendly, but still merges many channels into a single system. It has never been easier to assist your customers with their queries.

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We will advise you with the purchase of new IT systems or with optimising your current system. As your sparring partner we are striving for the same goal as you: improved efficiency, higher productivity and very satisfied customers.

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Are you interested in what the specialist of Kerkhoven Automatisering can do for you? Please contact us for more information without any obligation.

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