Who knows everything about everything?

Nobody, right? This is why it is normal to seek help externally when dealing with certain business decisions. Let’s say your organisation is faced with an important IT decision, yet there is inadequate knowledge within your organisation to come to a well-founded decision? Or, have you already chosen a path but are looking for experts to ensure the best possible deployment? Let our consultants help you with their knowledge and expertise.
Consultancy Kerkhoven Automatisering

Kerkhoven Automatisering transforms your functional needs into the right technical products and services. Our consultants have a wealth of experience in selecting and deploying contact centre software with database optimisations. They also regularly serve as a sparring partner when purchasing custom ICT infrastructure and for internal process improvement projects.

Contact center consultancy: Specialists from Kerkhoven Automatisering will assist you with choosing and deploying contact centre software. They will ensure optimum integration with your existing systems, such as your CRM, ERP, telephony and e-mail systems. We are certified Genesys specialists, but also have experience with other contact centre software.
Selection advice You would like a new ICT system, but you lack the necessary knowledge of the market and options available. Our consultants will fill in those knowledge gaps. They will help you every step of the way to determine the needs and system requirements, and will then accompany you to talk with suppliers. Together, we will make sure that your technical needs are met.
Optimisation of systems and processes: There is always room for improvement with existing ICT systems and business processes. Let our consultants have a fresh look at your situation! You will see that the critical eye of an expert outside your company will result in surprising recommendations that you have never thought about before. The result? Improved efficiency, higher productivity and very happy customers.
Database consultancy: Is your web application slow? Our team will be happy to review the application and the underlying databases. We will optimise queries and data sources so that all processes run efficiently again. Do you need specific information from your database? We will help you extract the necessary information.

Are you interested in how the consultants Kerkhoven Automation can assist in the identification, selection, implementation and optimization of ICT systems? Please feel free to contact us.

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