ICT Environment

ICT: transforming a burden into an opportunity

How many hours a week do you spend on managing and maintaining your ICT infrastructure? It is very likely that you do not have an exact answer to this question. You may not realise that the different systems, the many suppliers, and different maintenance and update windows often put immense pressure on your organisation. Precious time that the organisation can better spend on its primary processes that make the difference between being a market leader and a market follower.

Kerkhoven Automatisering will take a lot of this pressure off your hands, so that you can continue to concentrate on the important things. You will no longer have to deal with all those ICT suppliers, we will be your single point of contact for all technology matters. Our experts ensure that you will always have the appropriate ICT infrastructure for your organisation. We can set up, configure and maintain your servers, networks and workstations. Or we can take over the complete management of your ICT environment.

Working from the cloud

We will work with you to make your business applications or full workstations available from the cloud. Virtual desktops are often more affordable, more secure, more scalable and easier to manage than physical work environments. Furthermore, they are more easily accessible by flex workers and others who work from home.

Our experts can advise you in a transition to Google Apps for Business. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of small and large organisations have begun using this smart cloud portfolio of office applications.

Are you interested in how your organization make the most of a cleverly designed, maintained and managed IT environment? Please feel free to contact us.

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