VoIP for maximum availability

Availability is in high demand within your organisation. Employees want to be accessible, both in the office and on the road. Your customers, suppliers and business partners also have to be able to contact them easily by telephone. Voice over IP (VoIP) is a reliable and scalable solution for business telephony. With VoIP internal telephone calls run via the local computer network and external calls are routed via the internet. This saves a lot of money and makes telephony more flexible than before. The possibilities are endless. We cannot imagine that there is not a good solution out there for your organisation.

Even more benefits with convergence.

The specialists of Kerkhoven Automatisering are happy to help you with the best choice for your company, the correct deployment and worry free transition to VoIP telephony. Besides, we know exactly how you can reap even more benefits from this solution.
The digital character of VoIP opens up a world of opportunity to intelligently link telephony, data traffic and business applications (convergence). An example is integrating telephony with e-mail, CRM and ERP programs, thus making it ideal for flex workers and individual who work from home.

Trunk, On-Premises or Hosted.

Are you currently not using Voice over IP? Make the transition to a hosted PBX in the Kerkhoven Automatisering Cloud as it is the most efficient solution.

Rather a VoIP PBX on your own private location, we are happy to make happen. Do you already have a VoIP PBX or do you want to maintain your current PBX? By making use of our trunk (telephone line), you can decrease your costs.

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Are you interested in how your employees are better and smarter accessible? Please feel free to contact us.

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